Make Integration

To connect your Contact Capture with Make select this option then follow the steps below:

If you don't one yet, make sure to create a free account at

1. From your Make dashboard menu click "Create New Scenario".

2. Click the + button then search and select the Webhooks option.

3. For the Trigger Event choose Custom webhook.

4. Click "Add" then name your webhook and save to continue.

5. Copy the webhook URL and paste it into the corresponding field in the page editor on

5. Make sure you see the red Stop button from the step above, then save your page and visit the live version of it. From here you can submit your contact capture form once with your own information to test the webhook. Make sure you included all the information you plan to collect.

If you don't see the red Stop button, click the blue Re-determine data structure button to start listening for the test and then complete the above step.

6. Once it has been successfully determined, click the Ok button to close the module, then the plus button to add your next module to send this data to the destination or platform of your choice.

7. Once you select and set up your desired app or event, the next step will be to map the data to the proper fields. You will only need to map the fields that you have selected, and not necessarily all three. The fields are EMAIL to email address, PHONE to phone number, and FNAME to first name.

8. To finalize your connection make sure the scenario is turned on and set to run immediately.

If you run into any issues during this setup, feel free to reach out to support via the Help beacon for further assistance.