Contact Capture

With Contact Capture you can collect a visitor's email, name, and phone number right from your page. The information collected can be sent to your directly to your Mailchimp audience list, or to hundreds of other platforms via Make or Zapier.

To add the contact capture to your page go the the Integrations section of the Page Editor and switch the Contact Capture toggle on. Once turned on, select where you would like to send the information that is collected. For each platform you'll need to enter a special link, click below for further setup instructions for each platform. 




To use the Zapier integration you must be on their premium Starter plan or above. Check out Make for a comparable alternative with a free plan that can be used for this feature.

Customizing Email Capture

Information: Choose which information to collect by turning each option on or off. Collecting the email address is required so the option will be greyed out, but phone number and first name can be optionally added to your contact capture form. Before setting up an Make or Zapier connection make sure to have the options you want selected for this section.

Call to Action: You can customize the call to action rather than using the default "Subscribe to my mailing list:" message, limited to 60 characters in length.

Accent Color: The submit button and bottom border color of the email capture section can be customized by changing the background color of your page. If you are using a background image instead of color, simply switch Background Image off to change the background color from your profile section, then switch it back on and save.

Position: You can choose to display your email capture either at the top or bottom of your page, placing it above or below your links.

This feature is only available for the Professional Plan.