Email Capture

By turning on Email Capture you can collect visitor emails directly from your page to your email list. Currently we support integration with Mailchimp and plan to add more services in the future based on interest.

To add email capture to your page go the the Integrations section from the Page Editor and switch the Email Capture toggle on. Follow the instructions below to set it up and customize.

Mailchimp Setup

  1. From your Mailchimp dashboard, go to the Audiences page
  2. Select Signup Forms from the side menu, then select the audience you want to connect
  3. Select the Embedded forms option
  4. Copy the entire embedded form code starting with <!-- Begin Mailchimp Signup Form -->
  5. In the page editor, paste the embed code into the Mailchimp URL field to have the action URL automatically extracted from it
  6. Customize your email capture using the instructions below and then Save

For additional help you can see Mailchimp's help article on generating the Embed code to find the embed code, or simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

After saving your email capture, we recommend testing it from your live page (not the editor preview) by submitting your own email address. Any message besides an error will indicate that it is working correctly. If it gives an error, you can troubleshoot it from our Help Doc that covers the most common issues.

Customizing Email Capture

Accent Color: The submit button and bottom border color of the email capture section can be customized by changing the background color of your page. If you are using a background image instead of color, simply switch Background Image off to change the background color from your profile section, then switch it back on and save.

Call to Action: You can customize the call to action rather than using the default "Subscribe to my mailing list:" message, limited to 60 characters in length.

Position: You can choose to display your email capture either at the top or bottom of your page, placing it above or below your links.

This feature is only available for the Professional Plan.