Adding Links

To add links and more to your page go to the Page Editor and use the Add New button shown below.

A new selection menu will display showing the choice of three options:


Links can be any valid URL. You can link to social media profiles, websites, articles, store items, videos, and more. If the link you include is a link to an app that gets opened on a phone, it will open the app directly in most cases. For example, an Instagram link will open the Instagram app.

To find most links simply go to the page in a web browser and copy the URL from the address bar, then paste it into a new link in the page editor. For apps outside of a web browser, look for a share option to copy the provided link for use on your page.


Sections are great for separating and organizing the links or embeds on your page. When you add a new section the default state adds a dividing line between your links. If you're on the Personal Plan you can add a custom title that will replace the dividing line. If you toggle on the Title for the section and leave it blank it will create a spacer which will separate your links without using a divider line or title. You learn more in our help doc for Adding Sections.

Embeds (Videos, Songs, & Podcasts)

Embeds are a special type of addition to your page that can insert content from a variety of platforms including YouTube videos, Twitch livestreams, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud songs and much more. Check out the full list of supported embeds and see how to add them here.

Link Settings

After adding a link to your page, you can customize the following settings. For more information about each setting click the setting to see a full article about it's uses and features.

  1. Subtitle – The text under the link's title, this is by default the URL of the link but can be customized.
  2. Thumbnail – The image used for your link's icon on your page.
  3. Highlight – Adds a pulsing animation to the link's icon, drawing attention to your most important links.
  4. Schedule – Adds a start and end date/time to your link that determines when it should be displayed.

Arranging Links

To change the order of links simply click or tap and hold the positioning arrows on the right side of the link, then drag it to your desired order.

Deleting Links

To delete links, click the link to open it and then click the red Delete button at the bottom left corner of the link.