Scheduling Links

Link scheduling allows you to set a date and time when the link (or embed) will either be displayed or hidden from your page. This can be used for product releases, album drops, flash sales, ticket sales, and more. 

To schedule a link, simply switch the Schedule toggle to on and select your start/end date and times.

If you want a link to start displaying at a specific time but then remain on your page with no end, simply leave the end field blank. The inverse also works if you have a link you want to hide at a certain time, simply leave the start field blank and only set an end time.

Links with scheduling turned on will have a blue "Scheduled" label on them in the editor, which turns into a gray "Archived" label if the end time has passed.

If a user is on your page at the exact moment a scheduled link becomes visible or hidden, the change will be reflected after a page refresh.

Note: Scheduled links that are in your editor will only appear in your preview and live page when they are scheduled to be visible.

Archiving Links

To archive a link set the link end field to a date in the past. Archiving a link will hide it from your page without removing it from your account. Arching links will also allow you to retain any click analytics associated with this link as long as the link is archived.

This feature is only available for the Entrepreneur Plan and above.