Adding Sections

You can add sections to your page to separate and organize your links into groups. To add a section click the Add button then select the Section option. 

Once you add a section there are three variations you can choose from:

1. Divider

Using a divider adds a single line between your links and is the default style when you add a new section.

2. Title

Switching on the Title toggle replaces the divider line with custom text you can adjust from within the section element.

3. Spacer

To get a spacer with no line or text just turn on the Title toggle and leave it blank.

The default colors for titles and dividers are black or white (if dark mode is on), but you can also turn on the Theme Color toggle which will change your titles and dividers to your selected theme color. Learn more about theme color.

To use the title or spacer functionality you must be on the Personal plan or higher.