Adding Embeds (Videos & Songs)

You can add videos or songs directly onto your page as embeds from the following platforms:


  • YouTube (+ playlists)
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch (+ streams w/ chat)


  • SoundCloud
  • Mixcloud
  • TuneIn (+ podcasts)
  • Apple Music (+ albums, playlists)
  • Spotify (+ albums, artists, playlists, podcasts)
  • TIDAL (+ albums, playlists)
  • Beatport
  • BeatStars

To add an embed, click the Add New button in the page editor and select Embed. Then paste in the URL for your video or song to add it. All you need is the URL, not any of the embed code that the platforms provide since handles that for you behind the scenes.

Certain embed types will display differently based on the the content. For YouTube videos and playlists you can add &loop=1 at the end of the link URL to enable looping.

The preview in the page editor will show a placeholder for the embed, and after saving your live page will have the actual content ready to play. To easily identify the new embed in the editor you can give it a title if you'd like, this title isn't visible to anyone but you.

Make sure you copy and paste the URL directly from the webpage your video or song is on. Generally if the URL is incorrect or unsupported the page editor will notify you. You can check your live page after saving to ensure the embeds were added in correctly.

Similar to links, embeds can also be scheduled to display only during a specified date/time range.

Embeds are only available on the Entrepreneur Plan and above.

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