Adding Embeds (Videos, Songs, & More)

With embeds you can add videos, songs, podcasts, tour dates, social posts, and more right on your page. You can see all the supported embed platforms on the Extensions page.

Adding an embed to your page

Step 1

Find and copy the URL for your content (song, video, podcast, etc.). The example below is for Spotify, most platforms will offer a similar way to find and copy the URL to share.

Step 2

Add an embed element and paste in the content URL, then save.

Step 3

Embeds will show a placeholder on the page preview, to see the live version of your embed visit your page.

Embed Preview

Live Embed

Similar to links, embeds can also be scheduled to display only during a specified date/time range.

Certain embeds will display differently based on the type of content you're adding.

Embeds are only available on the Entrepreneur Plan and above.