Custom Domain

To connect a custom domain visit the Account page and turn on the Custom Domain toggle under the User Info section. Note that you must already own the domain name and have access to changing the DNS records for it.

Step 1:

To get started, enter your domain name into the field that appears.

You can use the root domain, the www domain, or a subdomain (e.g.,,

1. Root Domain

2. WWW Domain

3. Subdomain

Step 2:

Visit your domain name provider to add the new DNS record using the information provided. Make sure the domain is not also being forwarded to another location.

If you're using the root domain, or the www domain, we recommend redirecting the one you're not using to the one you are using so no matter which version visitors enter they will be taken to your page.

Step 3:

Once you have the full domain name entered and the DNS record added with your provider, hit the Save button to start the connection process.

If set up correctly this should complete itself within a couple minutes, but can take up to a few hours. You can use the Check Status link to update the pending status, which will say Domain Connected when it is finished.

Custom Domain with Multiple Pages

Your base domain name is automatically tied to the first page you created. If you have multiple pages then each page will be a route on the domain.

For example:

  • = or
  • =
  • =

You can contact support if you would like your base domain name adjusted to a different page.

Additionally, your original links will still continue to work to give you more flexibility based on which links you prefer to share publicly (either from your custom domain or from

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your custom domain, feel free to contact support using the Help beacon in your dashboard.

This feature is only available on the Professional Plan and is currently limited to one custom domain per account to load your pages on.