Cloudflare Custom Domain Setup

Cloudflare offers both domain name registrations and free DNS services for domain names. This guide will cover transferring from another DNS provider to Cloudflare while also setting up the custom domain for your page.

One benefit of using Cloudflare's DNS is that you are able to seamlessly use both your root domain and the redirected WWW version of your domain name with the custom domain feature.

To get started sign up for a free account at and follow the instructions below.

Before starting make sure you have your root domain set in the domain field on the Account page.

Once registered click Add Site from the top menu bar or visit the Websites tab and click Add a Site

Step 2:

Enter your root domain name then select the free plan and click continue.

Step 3:

Review and add any DNS records to ensure they will be migrated over. If you haven't added the CNAME record from yet you can do so here.

IMPORTANT: If you have any crucial DNS records take a moment to confirm they are being migrated over from your current provider. This is especially important for email MX records, as not migrating these will cause your email address to stop working temporarily until fixed.

Click continue once you have reviewed and added any necessary records.

Step 4:

Follow the instructions for changing your current nameservers to the new Cloudflare nameservers.

Step 5:

Navigate to the Rules tab, then the select Page Rules. From here, add a new rule with the following details replacing with your root domain:

Once these steps are complete please allow up to 24-48 hours for the changes to take effect. You will receive an email from Cloudflare when their DNS services are active for your domain and can confirm your custom domain connection status from the Account page.