GoDaddy Custom Domain Setup

To connect your page to a domain registered on GoDaddy follow the steps listed below. If you don't have a domain yet, you can buy one from GoDaddy here.

Step 1:

Add the WWW version of your domain from your Account page and click Continue.

Step 2:

Visit the GoDaddy dashboard and add the following record from the DNS tab for the domain you would like to connect.


Step 3:

Navigate to the Forwarding tab and create the following forward, replacing "" with the domain you are connecting.

Once this is done two new A records should be automatically added. Here's how the records should look in the GoDaddy DNS editor.

Issue with GoDaddy

There is currently an issue with GoDaddy where using the https:// version of the root domain (ex. won't work. When sharing or linking to your page using a custom domain make sure to use one of the following versions: