How will the iOS 14 update affect my Facebook Pixel?


If you run Facebook/Meta ads you may have noticed there are changes being made regarding how data is collected and processed in response to Apple’s recent privacy changes in iOS 14. These changes will affect how you are able to run ads using the Pixel data collected from your page.

These changes are being rolled out gradually so different users may be having different experiences, but we have been working hard and communicating with Facebook/Meta so we can keep you up to date with all the information you will need to continue using your Pixel. There may be future updates to the information however, we will outline what we expect to stay the same, what we expect to change, and what we recommend for running ad campaigns as these changes take effect.

If you’re interested in understanding the update in more detail or learning about why these changes are being made you can see more information at Facebook/Meta’s resources here:

How Apple’s iOS 14 Release May Affect Your Ads

Facebook/Meta Pixel Updates for Apple's iOS 14 Requirements

What we expect to stay the same

The Pixel on your page will still be able to collect page views and other actions taken by your visitors. You will still be able to create custom and lookalike audiences based on this information which can be used in your ad sets under the Audience section.

What we expect is changing

The main change that will affect how you run ads is you will no longer be able to optimize for conversion events that occur on domains you don’t own, which includes your page. You may see a warning icon/message next to any ads that are currently set up this way stating that your ad set will be paused once the update takes effect, or that it has been paused already.

To resolve this issue you can connect your page to a Custom Domain and verify the domain using a DNS txt record.

If you don't want to connect a custom domain you will no longer able to optimize for conversion events that happen on your page,ou can still run ads to your page using other campaign objectives such as Traffic. Within the ad sets you can also optimize your campaigns for link clicks (which means clicks on your ad, not the links on your page), landing page views, impressions, or daily unique reach. You can find this option under the Optimization & Delivery section.