Adding a Facebook Pixel

What is a Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is marketing analytics tool you can use to measure page views, link clicks, and email captures that occur on your page. You can use these events to retarget visitors with ads based on their actions. An example of this could be to retarget users that click on your Spotify link with an ad that directs them to your Spotify artist profile.

You can learn more about what a Facebook Pixel is and how to use here.

Creating a Facebook Pixel

Check out Facebook's guide to creating and using your Facebook Pixel here.

Adding a Facebook Pixel to your page

In the Integrations section on Page Editor switch the Facebook Pixel on, then copy the Facebook Pixel ID from your Facebook Business Manager dashboard and paste it into the field that appeared. Save the change to publish it to your page.

Although the Facebook Pixel is invisible, you will see the PageView, LinkClick (includes social buttons), EmailCapture, and Contact (for contact buttons) actions logged in your dashboard on Facebook when people interact with your page.

This feature is only available for the Professional Plan.