Collaborator Access

Collaborator Access allows you to add an additional user to each one of your pages. Collaborators can edit content and view analytics for the page they are collaborating on.

To add a collaborator to your page you must be on the Professional Plan. However, an upgraded plan is not needed by the collaborator.

Adding A Collaborator

1. Go to the Pages section of the Account page

2. Switch to the current page you'd like to add the collaborator on

3. Click the + Collaborator button and enter your collaborator's email

4. Click Invite

If the person you invited has a account already they will be added to the page instantly and can access it by visiting the Account page.

If the person does not have an account yet you will see a message letting you know the invitation has been sent. The collaborator will receive an email where they can accept the invitation and start editing the page. As the page owner you will be notified once the invitation is accepted. If you would like to cancel an invitation simply click the Cancel button.

Removing A Collaborator

If you would like to remove a collaborator you can do so at anytime from the Account page. To remove a collaborator, switch to the page they are collaborating on then click the Remove button next to their email and they will be removed instantly.