How do referrals work?

Sending Referrals

From the Referrals page there are multiple ways you can refer your friends:

1. Sending an email

Type the email you would like to send an invite to, then click the Email Invite button. When sending an email invite there is a default message generated that you can adjust, just make sure not to delete your unique invite link from the bottom.

2. Sharing on social media

You can share your unique invite link on Facebook or Twitter by clicking either of their buttons.

3. Copying your referral link

By clicking the Invite Link button you can copy your unique link to send directly to the person you want to invite.

Referral Status

When your friends sign up using your unique invite link, you will be able to see their status from the Referrals page. Referrals are considered pending until the user has fully set up their page and has been verified by our system.

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