How do referrals and the affiliate program work?

Sending Referrals

From the Referrals page there are multiple ways you can refer your friends:

1. Sending an email

Enter the email address you would like to send an invite to, then click the Email Invite button. When sending an email invite there is a default message generated that you can adjust, just make sure not to delete your unique invite link from the bottom.

2. Sharing on social media

You can share your unique invite link on Facebook or X (Twitter) by clicking either of their buttons.

3. Copying your invite link

By clicking the Invite Link button you can copy your unique link to send directly to the person you want to refer, or to add onto your own page as a link for your visitors.

Affiliate Program

Tracking Referrals

When your friends or followers sign up using your unique invite link, you will be able to track created accounts and see if they are on a a free (grey) or paid plan (green). To protect the privacy of your referrals you'll only see the first two letter of their username and an avatar. If you see four dots on a username that means the person has deleted their account.

Earning Commission

To activate payouts when you have an upcoming balance due, all you need to do is add your PayPal email address from the Referrals page.

You can easily track your statistics from the Affiliate Program from this page as well, with total number of referrals, pending/upcoming balances, and the total amount that was paid to your PayPal account.

Once commission is earned it will be pending for 30 days. After 30 days it will be added to your upcoming balance, which is then paid out on the first day of the following month. After it has been paid out, it will be included in the total amount paid.