Why is my bio link on Instagram showing as not available?

If you frequently check your bio link for your solo.to page from the Instagram app you may come across it eventually showing "Sorry, this page isn't available." Fortunately, this error only occurs when you try looking at your own bio link and will not affect how others see it.

This happens because Instagram uses an automatic filter on bio links that needs to regenerate after a set amount of time before expiring. Instagram generates a new link filter when viewing someone else's page, but doesn't always regenerate your own within the app which can cause the error.

Three ways to get around this error to check your link are:

  1. Searching for your own page on Instagram then clicking into your page and then on your link from there.
  2. If you have multiple pages, you can login to another one of them then view your profile and click the link.
  3. Check the link from another device such as a computer (as long as you're not logged in) or on a friend's phone.

If you try all three of these methods and still get the error, you can reach out to our support staff any time using the Help beacon to look into it further.