Adding Contact Buttons

To add an Email, Call, Text, or Discord button to your page navigate to the Contact section of the Buttons dropdown in the Page Editor. Turn the toggles on for the buttons you would like to appear on your page, then enter your information and hit the blue Save button at the bottom of the section.

The contact buttons perform the following functions when clicked or tapped:

  • Email - creates a new email draft to your entered address
  • Call / Text - starts a call or creates a new text message to the number entered (on supported devices)
  • Discord - instantly copies your username so visitors can easily add you
  • Telegram - lets a visitor quickly send you a message


Under the Contact section open the Customize dropdown to adjust the following for your contact buttons.


  • Type will display the type of contact button:

  • Detail will display your full email address, phone number, or username:


  • Minimal:

  • Colorful:


  • Square:

  • Round