Changing Your Subscription Plan

You can change your plan level on the Billing page of your dashboard by clicking the Change Plan button. This will display all of the plans you can choose from. There is also an Upgrade page where you can quickly compare your current features to higher plan levels.


Your new features will be available immediately when you upgrade your plan. If you were already on a paid plan you will only be charged a prorated amount for the new plan, which is minus a credit from the time remaining on your billing cycle that will be visible as a new invoice.


If you are downgrading to another paid plan your features will be downgraded immediately and you will receive a prorated credit or charge that will be visible as a new invoice.

Downgrading to the free Beginner plan is essentially the same as canceling your plan. Your paid plan features will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle and no further charges will occur.