Why aren't my Facebook/Twitter social buttons showing up on my page?

While on the Entrepreneur Plan you have access to adding one click social buttons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify for your solo.to page. These can be selected by using the Customize Style option under the Social Buttons section in the page editor.

Specifically for the one click versions of the Facebook and Twitter social buttons, we've found two instances that can cause them not to show:

  1. The Facebook Like button requires a link to a page that can be liked on Facebook, rather than a link to your personal page that cannot be liked. Additionally, if you've updated your page to the new design it will change your likes to follows and the button won't appear when added. These are the most common causes of the Facebook Like button not appearing.
  2. Both Facebook Like and Twitter Follow buttons might not appear when using a private browsing window or with specific Do Not Track settings enabled in certain browsers. For most visitors to your page this will not apply and they will be able to see the social buttons as expected.

In both cases the issue can be worked around by adding Facebook or Twitter links to your page as regular links in the page editor rather than as social buttons.

As an alternative solution, you can now use standard social buttons found within the Customize Style option which includes buttons for Instagram and SoundCloud as well. These buttons act essentially as links rather than offering the one-click Like, Follow, or Subscribe functionality.