Adding Social Buttons

Social buttons offer a convenient way to share your most important social media and more in a condensed section at the top or bottom of your page. There are two types of social buttons: Standard and Action.

Standard Buttons

Standard social buttons direct visitors to your website and social media profiles, or can also initiate a call, text, or email. Standard social buttons are available on the Personal Plan and above.

Action Buttons

Action social buttons also direct visitors to your website and social media profiles with the added benefit of a call to action phrase to encourage visitor engagement. Action social buttons are available on the Entrepreneur Plan and above.

For certain action buttons you can display your follower, subscriber, or user count by toggling on the Label Count.

For X and YouTube the Action Buttons will confirm the Follow or Subscribe once they reach your respective profile.

Adding, Editing, and Positioning


To add social buttons to your page navigate to the Buttons section in the Page Editor. Under the Social section click the platform you would like to add, then add your profile URL in the field below.


To remove a social button click the blue platform button for the one you would like to remove.


To edit a social button click on the active platform to open it then edit the URL.


To position a social button click on the platform handle you would like to move then drag the platform where you would like it to be positioned.


You can select which type of social buttons you would like to use along with their shape and position on your page by opening the Customize menu within the Social Buttons section.